Shop The Finest Quality With Stunning Look Kids Poncho

Incorporated in the year 1950, The Knit Factory manufactures the polyester, acrylic and cotton industrial products like yarns and fabrics. We further export our products to high brand garment showrooms like GAP, H&M, and ZARA etc. It’s our continual endeavor to provide premium quality clothing for ultimate comfort and style of our consumers.

The poncho is a prevalent outerwear item that has gone in and out of style in modern fashion, but traditionally the product of clothing was more than just a fashion statement. The attire, at its most simple form, is a sheet of cloth with a hole in the center where the head went through. Its crucial purpose is for warmth and was generally crafted out of breathable and light material that was more appropriate and comfortable for customers. This simple yet attractive attire is more than just a fashion statement or an extra layer to keep warm with; it is an outfit that tells the history of a culture.
The cute ponchos which we manufacture for kids are suitable for both boys and girls. Their soft texture will be likeable by children and you will be free of various excuses. These ponchos are comfortable and stylish and light-weight so that children can easily carry them. The Kids poncho will keep your kid’s shoulder, neck and hands warm and will protect them from chilly winter. Here are some of the features that our ponchos carry:


  • Appropriate for children of age 1- 8 years.
  • Trendy and attractive designs
  • Vibrant colors and multi-colored.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Perfect for cold winter.

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